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    Extra bonuses for commuters: a train-to-bus transfer discount program is now launched in Kaohsiung City Print
      Update Time:2019-11-07 09:53

    Following the completion of the underground railway project, the Transportation Bureau utilized the new-built seven commuter stations as part of public transport network. Apart from setting up a number of bus stations, including TRA Museum of Fine Arts Station (Cinghai Road), TRA Sankuaicuo Station (Zihli Road), TRA Science and Technology Museum Station (Dashun Road), and TRA Zhengyi Station (Chengcing Road) the Transportation Bureau also enhanced instruction signs to direct passengers from Neiwei, Gushan, and Minzu stations to transfer at the existing bus stations. Moreover, the Bureau launched a discount program for railway passengers transferring to buses. Starting on October 1, 2019, passengers who take train with e-tickets may enjoy a discount on fares if they transfer to city buses or former highway buses within two hours.

    The underground railway project finished in downtown Kaohsiung on October 14, 2018. Since then, the Kaohsiung City Government has demolished Cinghai, Zihli, Dashun, and Zihciang overpasses and filled in Zuoying underpass. To provide easier access to buses and the train for citizens, the Transportation Bureau established four bus stations, namely the TRA Museum of Fine Arts Station (Cinghai Road), TRA Sankuaicuo Station (Zihli Road), TRA Science and Technology Museum Station, and TRA Zhengyi Station (Chengcing Road), at the locations of the demolished overpasses.

    Cheng, Yung-Hsiang, Director-General of the Transportation Bureau, stated that they initiated the Train-to-Bus (One-Way) Transfer Discount Program on October 1, 2019, with the aim of making it easier for train riders to reach their destinations by means of bus services. Any person who takes the train with e-tickets may enjoy a free one-section bus ride when transferring to city buses within two hours, and a $12 off discount when transferring to former highway buses within two hours. All the existing campaigns will also continue to be implemented, including the “Two-Section Fares for Unlimited One-Day Travel,” “$12 off Discount for Transfers Between Light Rail, Former Highway Buses, and City Buses Within Two Hours,” “$3 off Discount for Transfers from MRT to Former Highway Buses or City Buses,” and “a Maximum Fare of $60 for Each Highway Bus Trip for Card Holders.”

    According to the Transportation Bureau, the completion of the seven Taiwan Railway commuter stations will increase overall ridership on public transport in Kaohsiung City as the railway systems are becoming more integrated and the bus systems will serve as extensions of the railway network. In the future, the Bureau will continue to review the bus network and endeavor to provide more convenient and accessible transfer services as well as more favorable transfer programs.

    Moreover, as a convenient measure for commuters, the MeNGo monthly passes are now available, which combine a variety of modes of transport like the MRT, buses, light rail, taxis, and other auxiliary transport services and are a favorable option for citizens. Those who are interested in purchasing MeNGo may call the customer service hotline (07-2385899) or visit the official website (