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    Present title: The fifth supervisor of Nanzih District, Kaohsiung

    Words of the supervisor:
    The development of Nanzih district has been gradually transformed from an agricultural area into an initial industrial zone. The Renda processing industrial zone of the mid/downstream and Nanzih export processing zone were established to take advantage of the economic boom in Taiwan. By levying and re-planning the lands, the residential and commercial areas as well as public facilities are fairly divided. Due to the increase in the population, schools, especially senior highs and universities were created and shops were opened in order to meet everyone's various needs. Nanzih district has become an area full of cultural and educational potential.

    At present, there are many ongoing construction projects. For example, the dredging and landscaping of the Houjin River, the BOT sewage treatment project, construction of the MRT system, business opportunities in the biotechnology and science parks and the transformation of the Kaohsiung Oil Refinery. Its future prosperity can be expected and we are looking forward to the results of our efforts.

    Rich cultural content can be seen from the local geographic names in the district, such as Tuku, Gongjiaojiao, Houjin, Youchang, Yiantian, Yuanzhonggang etc. These cute names are the epitome of the lovely lands that we treasure so much.